Your future

Financial Planning – where the rubber hits the road

Kubera Wealth’s goal is to build a true long-term relationship with our clients, providing Financial Planning advice that supports the goals and visions created during the Life Planning process.

We use cash flow modelling software and years of experience providing independent financial advice to create our clients financial plans. This allows us to forecast your current and future financial situation, helping you to see how to achieve the financial future you desire. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and each financial plan is unique and different.

When we talk about the ways that wealth and financial stability can define you, we will ask you to answer some tough questions: do you have enough insurance for your family should something happen to you? What age will you be able to afford to retire? Is your pension going to be enough to fund your retirement? Can you afford a large capital expenditure such as buying a car or making a gift to family? Can you afford to achieve all of this if your investments don’t perform as well as expected?

Your financial plan

Develop a custom financial plan

Whilst financial planning based on current and expected circumstances is important, often we forget to think about the impact of certain unforeseen events. Cash flow modelling allows us to clearly demonstrate this, with ‘what if’ scenarios. This can involve variables such as what age to retire at; investment growth rates; when to sell a business etc.

Our cash flow modelling software allows us to forecast your current and projected financial situation, including your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities to provide you with a long-term financial outlook. We use this to help you make well informed financial decisions and you can be confident that we’ll make decisions for you that are in your best interest.

Kubera Wealth provides advice across a range of diverse products including investments and pensions, protection and Inheritance Tax planning and mitigation.

Investment management approach

Managing your investment portfolio

As we’ve seen in recent years, investment markets have become increasingly volatile and uncertain. Managing your investment portfolio in this environment requires significant resource, experience and market access. Whilst Kubera Wealth understand investments and investment markets we’ve made the decision to outsource the investment management for our clients.

In addition, providing both financial planning and managing the underlying investment portfolio is we believe a conflict of interest. As a result we outsource our investment solutions to a carefully chosen number of investment managers. However this doesn’t mean that we do not have any responsibilities – our job is to sit on your side of the table ensuring that the investment manager is performing as we would expect against both our panel and also industry peer group.

Our service

To our clients we are many things: confidants, friends, trusted advisers and partners who help them create and live the lives that they aspire to.

Of course, we provide Independent Financial Advice.

Unlike many firms, we do not categorise our clients into service models, instead ensuring that we understand what is important to you and what you value, and then ensuring we deliver a high level of service and relationship management.

Not all inheritance Tax Planning solutions are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.